Sunday, January 31, 2010

Introducing Samantha

And here she is Ladies and Gentleman, and the rest of you. My brand new daughter. Samantha Rose was born on 3 Jan 2009, so she is almost 1 month old. It is such a minor milestone, but such a big one too. Her name is a mixture of “Sure that sounds good” and a joke. My wife brought up the name of Samantha and we both thought that sounded good, but we were really stuck for a middle name. My father told us to name her after the richest relative on Maria’s side and that would be her aunt Rose. And well it kind of stuck. I think it is a good name. And I get to tell everyone that we named here after Briar Rose from “Sleeping Beauty”. Yep my Disney geekness won out. I really wanted to find a name that had a Disney connection. I am (in case you did not know) a HUGE Disney freak. But like everything else we will get into that later. The real funny thing is when I was about 20 I read the “Myst Trilogy” and one of the main Characters was named Ti”ana. And ever since I really wanted to have a daughter and name here that. And then as I am about to have a baby girl Disney comes out with a princess of the same name. It must have been the stars lining up. But of course Maria did not like that name so it was out.

So anyway Samantha is doing well for the most part. We are going to have to have her tested for an allergy to dairy. I have had to stay away from milk my entire life, and had to really limit any dairy. My wife loves dairy and it seems to be messing up Sam a little. The Doc told my wife to take in no dairy for a week and see if it helped any and then to start eating dairy and see what happened. So she did not eat any dairy all week and Sam started to get better. Then yesterday she had a quesadilla and some ice cream and the next day Sam started to get sick again. So we might have to keep her off dairy. If that happens then we will have to work hard to get her enough calcium. I have had a lack of calcium my entire life and it has made a negative impact. I have a lot of broken bones.

Sam is already rolling over. Everyone is shocked so I guess it is really early. I doubt she is really doing it on purpose, but she is doing it anyway. Everyone is joking that she will be walking by the time I get home. So I told Maria to tie her to the floor if she looks like she is about to walk. That is just not allowed.

Oh and please note that her name is Sam or Samantha. I will not allow anyone to call her Sammie. I am the only one who gets to call her that until she is 18. I feel sorry for the next person to try to call her that.

So that is my Daughter. She is perfect as far as I can tell. And cute if I do say so myself.

A few technical notes. In case you missed it there are a few things added to the blog. I put in a countdown to the freedom bird and my millage for Running to Disneyland. The freedom bird is the nickname for the plane that takes us home, and we should be on that around the 1st of October. And the running to Disneyland… Well if you don’t understand it you will just have to wait until later.

Back to the sand.


  1. Great story! It's so interesting to me to know how people choose the names of their children. It can be a daunting process! We named our first daughter by putting our favorite names in a hat, then much discussion over the finalist. My second daughter was named after her great aunt, and great grandmother.

  2. Samantha is beautiful. I hope the dairy allergy isn't too bad - that makes things tough for sure. Thank you for sharing all the pictures.

    Love the Freedom Bird and Running to Disneyland countdowns :)!

  3. My wife had a problem with dairy when she was a baby. The docs put her on soy milk. She did eventually grow out of it though. Sam is beautiful and all ready rolling over!!!! As Rae would say Holy Cats!

  4. Thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures. And she is going to be a a smartie. :)

    I am a dairy free person too. I have acquired it over the last year. Maybe longer just ignored it. Now I get really sick. And it makes it nearly impossible to go any where to eat. But Disney steps up and takes the challenge and they make great dairy free food!!!
    My daughter couldn't have the soy either as a baby. She had to have this real nasty formula but she could keep it down.

    I just wanted to let you know We tied a great big yellow ribbon around our tree in the front yard, and it will stay there till you are home safe,with your family in October.