Thursday, February 11, 2010

Reader Request

Oh the weather outside is frightful, and the heat is not delightful.

My first reader request. I feel so special!

So the question came up as to how the weather is. All I could think about at the time that I read the question was the show from the Canada Pavilion. “And it snows 365 days a year”. But obviously that is not what it is like here.
Iraq is known for its heat. But right now it is what is known as the “nice” time of the year. Otherwise known as the rainy season. The temp is in the 60’s most days right now and drops as low as the 30’s in the evening. The wind is bad just about every day, so in the evenings it feels even colder than it really is. And then there is the rain. For the most part down where we are the rain is not all that bad either. It only rains or twice a week, and so far it has not ever been a very large amount of rain. But it does come fast and hard. It does not sprinkle. If it is raining it is a downpour. I got caught out in it one day on my run and I thought I was going to end up with bruises. And it is always loud enough to wake me up no matter deep in sleep I am. We live in metal buildings and it sounds like rocks hitting the roof and side. As soon as the rain starts to fall everything turns to mud. It is really weird how fast it happens. The ground goes from very solid to deep mud. The roads turn into a mess in no time with all the trucks going from the mud to the street. It was so bad that one day on my bus ride to work the bus started to fishtail going around the turns. That was fun! The good thing about the rain is that it keeps the dust down for a few days. And that my friends is a great blessing. The last time I was hear the rain was constant for about 3 months. Everything was covered with at least two inches of thick mud. But it did give you a good leg workout. It got so bad that we had to get water pumps to keep the water out of the hospital that I was working in. Thankfully it is not like that this time.
Soon enough the rainy season will be gone, and it will be hot, hot, hot. As of march 1st we are not supposed to be in winter gear, so that is the date we are looking at for when we start to die of heat stroke. I will let you know when that happens.

See folks. Ask questions and I will try to talk about it! If nothing else it helps fuel the blog.

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  1. Wow. So, now do you get the dust{sand} storms? I have never been out of the country, forgive me for all the questions. :) Have you had to learn their language too?
    My youngest told her teachers, that we read your blog. So don't be surprised if you get some kids on here asking a bunch of questions. They all think it is neat, cool whatever the teens say now a days. :)

  2. That's exactly how my sister described the rain storms when we was in Iraq. Immediate mud.

    Try to stay dry for now and cool soon!