Sunday, April 25, 2010

Laundry Soap Part 2

I wanted to put up some pictures of all the laundry soap and some of the soldiers here as they got some. So here you go.

All the boxes we got. This is one shipment. And ME!!

This is what is in every box. Two bottles of laundry soap (one large one small-er) and a bunch of travel packs of tissue which come in handy out here. Some boxes have also started to come with books and magazines.

This is SSG Seabolt on the bottom (My first line supervisor and platoon SGT) and SPC Keats, one of my soldiers.

SPC Keats again showing off his muscles

SPC Patachett. My buddy from another platoon.

SFC Whiteside from the other platoon. She is trying to imitate my LT with the smile.

SFC Devore, my old Platoon SGT and soon to be the 1SG, and my battle buddy (Now called Warrior Companion (How gay is that)) and team mate SGT Adams.

My Commanding Officer (C.O.). CPT Frazier. Yes he looks young, that is because he is only 24. And no I do not like him in anyway. He is an asshole that does not understand that everyone is not built to be a PT god.

Sorry. So about the laundry soap.

Okay lets see. Left To Right
Top Row: PFC Reissig; PFC Karr; PFC Scionenux (CNO); SFC Devore; SGT Webber
Bottom Row: SSG Seabolt; SPC Adney

Okay that’s all for now. I am going to go do some laundry now. More to come

Back To The Sand – And clean clothes!


  1. Who knew that laundry soap would make so many happy and bring a tear to my eye.

    glad everyone will be smelling better there.


  2. That is completely amazing. It's great to see some pics of happy soldiers for sure. I tried to get to the website the other night, but was having trouble getting to it...If there's another site I can try, let me know.

    Happy laundry day!