Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Lights Aren’t On But Everybodys Home

This is a picture of my door. As you can see it is daytime. This was taken at about 1630 a few days ago. It was about 123 degrees out on this day. Now you may not find this picture weird, but think about it. It is that hot and my door is open. Is there a problem here. The answer is of course that the power is out… AGAIN!

This is a prety common ocurance out here. And it always seems to be my area. There are about 7 different power zones in my LA (living area) and for some reason the one that I am connected to seems to have massive problems. Either the Genorator dies, the fuse blows, or the people that are paid what I am sure is a huge amount of money to keep the system running are just plain asleep at the job.

We have at least 3 power outages a week. For the most part they really are not that big of a deal. Most of the time the power is off for only a few minutes. Just long enough for me to start to get a little warm. Most of the time my laptop does not even burn through the whole battery. And I am sure that you know thoes batteries don’t last all that long. The day this picture was taken was not a normal quick power outage. It was one of the bad ones. The bad ones happen once or twice a month, and last for hours. Todays power outage started at about 10am. By the time I came home from work the inside of my room was 138 degrees. So we decided to chill out side. Two hours after I got home the power came back on but it took another 2 hours for the AC to cool the room down enough that we wanted to go inside. Outside there is shade and a breeze. Inside the floor is so hot that it heats the room. By 0600 the next day the temp insid the room was finaly below 80 degrees.

So now today I am sitting at work. Thinking about how nice it will be to get back to my room after work. It has been a long boring Sunday. My roommate walks into the office 12 hours early for his shift and I instantly know why. “Powers out!” Gosh I sure love this place. I guess I will work late tonight.

This 2nd picture is of My Roommate SSG Dick sitting in his chair, My Buddy SGT Gholke squating, and Me. Looking at this pic I think you can just feel how hot we are.

Back To The Sand


  1. That sounds absolutely miserable...My house was over 100 for 4 days when my AC went out and I could hardly stand it - I can't imagine being stuck in a building at 138 degrees.

    Hope the power was sorted out and you didn't have to stay and work a lot later than usual...

  2. Dude - check my blog for a GREAT pic today! :) TRUST ME BUDDY


  3. My gosh! 138 degrees?! And I thought it was bad here in South Cambodia... er... Mississippi...Sheez! Let's hope that doesn't happen again. By the way, I love the fact that you're wearing Crocs. I just found that funny.

    Take care of yourself.

  4. Holy Cats! Here in s. FL. we are gonna hit 110 today. Just wow.
    E mail me you home address so I can send you a Team Voice shirt!! Size?